When purchasing an iPad, you receive a cable with a Type-C connector and a USB power adapter as part of the package. For earlier models of the tablet, a Lightning cable is provided. However, regardless of which version of the accessories you use, they are prone to getting lost or breaking. In this situation, the question arises whether to buy an original charger or its analog. Let’s try to figure this out with the experts from iSpace.

MFI Certification – a mark of quality

The Lightning cable is Apple’s brainchild. The company holds the rights to produce this accessory. Therefore, third-party manufacturers (even very well-known ones) cannot legally produce cables with Lightning connectors without official permission from Apple.

To resolve the situation in favor of other manufacturers and protect consumers from low-quality accessories, in 2005, Apple launched the MFI certification program.

Having the certification gives partners of the corporation the right to officially sell charging cables for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. And to obtain MFI certification, third-party products must pass numerous safety tests, meaning they must meet high-quality standards.

Therefore, MFI can confidently be called a mark of quality, guaranteeing that you have purchased a reliable and safe product, fully compatible with Apple devices. However, the emergence of certification did not eliminate the market from counterfeit products. However, the corporation was able to limit the use of its devices with low-quality accessories.

So what’s special about original Lightning connector cables? The point is that all Apple accessories of this type (including those that have passed MFI certification) have a built-in identification chip. Thanks to this chip, the tablet determines whether you are using an original/certified cable or illegal production. If the accessory lacks certification, the iPad will warn that it may operate unreliably.

The situation is different with cables for iPads with Type-C connectors – identification chips are not used here. Since Type-C is an international standard, it can be freely used by any manufacturer. In this case, owners of Apple devices become less limited in their choice of charging cables. But can you then connect an iPad to a USB-C cable from Android devices?

In accordance with the recommendations from the official Apple support website, for charging the iPad, it is advisable to use:

  1. The USB cable and adapter that came with the device.
  2. Certified cable and adapter with the MFI mark (relevant for Lightning cables).
  3. Third-party cable and adapter with support for USB 2.0 interface and newer versions – provided that the charging devices comply with current national, international, and regional safety standards.

In other cases, charging devices may not meet current safety requirements. The use of such accessories may pose risks to health or even lead to death.

If it is still decided to purchase a non-original charging cable for the iPad (Pro, Mini, Air), it is recommended to prefer well-known companies offering certified high-quality products.

Why shouldn’t you buy cables from no-name manufacturers?

Products from unknown manufacturers are always a high risk of danger. Here are several reasons why you should avoid cheap counterfeits:

  1. Short lifespan: Non-certified accessories use low-quality materials and components in production. Because of this, the product quickly becomes defective: it cracks, delaminates, and often crumbles in your hands. The cable may stop working without any visible reason. At the same time, the device remains intact externally and does not lose its appearance.
  2. Incorrect operation: If a non-original/non-certified cable for the iPad still works (charges, transfers data), it won’t last long. Apple does not guarantee the correctness of the operation of unknown devices with its technology. There is a high probability that after updating iPadOS, the tablet will not detect the cable, which means it is incompatible with your device.
  3. Operational hazard: If a low-quality accessory stops working, it is sufficient to buy a new certified cable for the iPad. In this situation, serious problems can be avoided. However, it’s a different story when the power chip burns out due to the use of a no-name accessory, or the battery swells. It’s even worse if the tablet overheats and catches fire. In such cases, there are two options: repair the iPad or buy new equipment. There’s also a risk of injury.

Therefore, it is not necessary to save on your health and the safety of your equipment.

Which cable is suitable for Apple iPad?

If the accessory has been lost or has malfunctioned due to misuse, the manufacturer recommends purchasing an original/certified cable (Lightning or USB-C) and power adapter for the iPad.

However, some analog cables, power blocks, and adapters are just as reliable and durable as the originals. The main thing is that such a device undergoes strict control to comply with safety standards and has certification.

If you plan to buy a charger for the iPad or other Apple devices, don’t forget that quality products are not sold in dubious retail outlets. Behind the bright packaging, there may be a hazardous device.

At iSpace, we offer only original and certified accessories for any Apple devices. You will receive the manufacturer’s warranty. We offer products from well-known brands such as Belkin, Native Union, Ubear, Satechi, Nomad. And our specialists will provide detailed information about each manufacturer and assist you in making a choice.


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