On the night of October 31, Apple held one of the fastest presentations, lasting just 32 minutes. However, it was packed with exciting announcements. During that time, the company introduced a new series of M3 chips and two computers – a desktop iMac and a black MacBook Pro. Interestingly, the presentation itself was shot in ProRes Log on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It’s an impressive demonstration of Apple’s technology capabilities.

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M3 Series Chips: What’s Impressive?

The new processors are designed using 3nm technology, which is an improvement over the previous 5nm technology. They are better optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks. In the M3 series, performance has been enhanced, and power consumption has been minimized, making the new MacBook models some of the world’s leaders in battery life. With the M3 chip, the iMac has become twice as powerful. They are expected to be favorites among professionals working in modeling, design, graphics, and anyone who needs performance along with a large screen and excellent color accuracy.

  • The base M3 chipset includes 4 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores (8 CPU cores in total). It also features a 10-core GPU with a new architecture and up to 24GB of unified memory. According to Apple, the base M3 is 35% faster than the M1 chip, and its graphics performance surpasses the M1 by 65%.
  • In the M3 Pro, there are 12 CPU cores: 6 high-performance and 6 high-efficiency. The GPU includes 18 cores, making it 40% faster than the M1 Pro. The M3 Pro supports up to 36GB of unified memory.
  • For those who require maximum performance, the M3 Max with 92 billion transistors is the choice to consider. This is where extreme power resides! The chipset includes a record 16 CPU cores, with 12 high-performance and 4 high-efficiency cores. The GPU boasts 40 cores, resulting in a 50% increase in performance compared to the M1 Max. The M3 Max supports up to 128GB of unified memory.

All three chips feature next-generation GPU technology called Dynamic Caching. Dynamic caching allows the graphics core to maximize its capabilities and deliver significant improvements when working with graphics and in games. Speaking of games, in addition to controller support, the new chips also feature hardware acceleration for Ray Tracing and Mesh Shading technologies.

The same elegant iMac, but much more powerful

It can be said that the legendary Apple all-in-one desktop has been “reborn.” The M3 chip endows it with performance that is four times more powerful than the most potent model of the 21.5-inch iMac and makes it twice as fast as the previous generation iMac with an M1 chip.

In the new model, you’ll find the familiar Retina display with an ideal screen size for a desktop computer: 24 inches. It boasts a 4.5K resolution and a brightness of 500 nits, providing a comfortable working environment even with your back to a window. The novelty is equipped with 1080p FaceTime cameras, studio-quality microphones, and a six-speaker acoustic system with Spatial Audio support. It’s a complete package for video calls with loved ones and colleagues during remote work and, of course, for pajama parties with music or movie nights.

Specifications of the iMac M3:

  • CPU: 8 cores, GPU: up to 10 cores.
  • Up to 24GB of RAM.
  • Hardware acceleration for Ray Tracing and Mesh Shading for realistic lighting, reflections, highlights, and shadows, providing a lifelike gaming experience and accelerating graphics tasks.
  • 16-core Neural Engine and the latest media engine for maximum machine learning performance.
  • Support for hardware AV1 decoder.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E (twice the download speed of the previous generation), Bluetooth 5.3.
  • Port selection: up to 4 USB-C ports, including 2 Thunderbolt.
  • Minimalist design and a slim chassis, measuring just 11.5 millimeters.

The new iMac with the modern M3 chip is a perfect fit for a wide range of users, including those in offices, schools, universities, labs, and, of course, homes. It’s twice as fast as the previous generation with the M1 chip, and if you haven’t upgraded from an Intel-based iMac yet, the performance jump will be substantial.

The iMac with the M3 chip will be available in 7 colors: green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver. The included mouse, keyboard, or trackpad will match the color of the all-in-one computer. The exact pricing for this new model in Armenia is currently not known. For updates and sales announcements, you can follow our Instagram page.

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