Choosing New Year’s gifts at the last moment is not the best idea. The closer the holiday, the more hassle: there may simply not be enough time to find the right thing. It’s better not to overestimate your capabilities and choose presents in advance.

iSpace experts will help you make a choice. We know exactly which gifts your loved ones and friends will be most delighted to find under the tree. Spoiler alert: of course, it will be Apple technology and accessories. Dreams should come true. It’s New Year, after all!

Gifts for Your Better Half

For your girlfriend or wife. It’s not really right to save on loved ones’ gifts. Firstly, it’s genuinely pleasant to fulfill the dreams of those you love. Secondly, it’s strategically correct since you are choosing the gift not only for them but also for yourself.

The brand-new iPhone 15 is an absolute favorite among gifts for girls. By all parameters, it is the best base iPhone in Apple’s history. Beautiful casing shades, a vibrant OLED display, a speedy A16 Bionic chip, excellent camera with various photo and video modes. By the way, the iPhone 15 Plus has the same specifications – just a slightly larger screen and a more enduring battery.

As for more advanced users, we recommend getting the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max. You can’t go wrong with them. They are equipped with the latest A17 Bionic chip, which has an additional graphics core and improved performance. The most significant difference concerns the telephoto lenses. The iPhone 15 Pro features a 3x 12-megapixel camera, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 5x camera, allowing you to zoom in even more without losing image quality.

By the way, the new iPhones have a USB-C port instead of Lightning. This means that one adapter can now charge both the iPhone, Mac, and iPad. It’s very convenient not to load your bag with dozens of blocks and cables when leaving home.

For your boyfriend or husband.

Of course, the iPhone will be an excellent surprise for a young man. But if he knows his tech, he will probably be much more delighted with a Mac.

It is not only a wonderful gift but also a very profitable investment. Mac lasts longer than any other brand’s “machines,” rarely breaks, updates for free, and has a high residual value upon resale.

If you buy the 14.2-inch MacBook Pro of 2023, you won’t go wrong. Touch Bar, the latest Apple M3 Max processor, 36 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of internal memory – the top configuration for a real man. Such a laptop will remain relevant for at least 5-7 years, and all usual tasks will be performed much faster.

Apple has an incredibly wide range of computers. MacBook Pro is suitable for true experts who use technology for genuinely serious tasks and value freedom of movement. MacBook Air is the perfect option for those with slightly more modest technical requirements. And the iMac is designed for those who need a desktop computer and excellent performance for several years ahead.

Naturally, every job requires a break, and each model is great for entertainment. Bright screens make it enjoyable to watch movies, loud speakers produce quality balanced sound, and in the case of a laptop, the battery provides long working hours without recharging.

In conclusion, stop asking Mr. Google what to give your wife for New Year or what to give your husband for New Year. Just go to our catalog and choose a gift that will definitely be desired.

Gifts for Parents

Moms and dads are always busy and forget about themselves. They rarely indulge themselves and are used to giving without expecting anything in return. That’s why they will be very surprised and pleased with a gift from you – any at all. But we know exactly what to give to parents for New Year. If it’s an iPad, we guarantee a storm of joyful emotions.

Your mom can cook according to video recipes, and your dad can read fresh news and e-books. Moreover, they can always stay in touch. And this is very important for those who celebrate Christmas and New Year separately. The image and sound quality on the iPad are so realistic that distances and borders seem to blur. The only thing left is to choose the most suitable model of the Apple tablet.

There is another option for what to give your mom for New Year. These are Bang & Olufsen audio devices – a well-known Scandinavian brand that has been around for almost a century. All these years, designers and engineers have successfully combined premium design, high-quality assembly, and clear sound. So, any gadget from Bang & Olufsen will be an excellent gift.

Creating a festive atmosphere and playing your favorite New Year’s music can confidently be entrusted to the innovative wireless speaker Beosound Balance. It has a unique configuration of 7 speakers, thanks to which the bass is powerful, and the sound is clean and balanced, filling the entire room. In addition, regardless of where the speaker is located, you can set the direction of the sound individually.The catalog has a large selection of Bang & Olufsen audio gadgets. Whichever you choose, you will undoubtedly give your loved ones the feeling that a miracle is already on their doorstep.

Gifts for Kids

Adults may not like it, but computer technologies have firmly entered the lives of children and teenagers. With the help of gadgets, they entertain themselves, learn, and develop useful habits. They even showcase their status among peers: whether your child owns an iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 or, for example, iPhone 11  matters in youth subculture. A reliable casing, quality camera, and access to social networks – the essential minimum. But in the end, what to give to children for New Year will depend on the budget allocated for New Year’s gifts.

For a Girl: In the modern world, it’s really challenging to go on without gadgets, even if you’re a child. And why resist: they make life more comfortable and interesting. If you’re tired of guessing what to give your little girl for New Year, take a look at our catalog. There you will find many options, including Apple AirPods or Apple AirPods Max wireless headphones. She will definitely enjoy listening to music, lectures, and podcasts with them!

All AirPods models have a stylish design and a comfortable form factor. They connect easily, work for a long time, charge quickly, and provide complete freedom of action. But most importantly, they sound cool by default. And the user can further customize the sound to their liking through the equalizer settings.

By the way, they work perfectly not only with the iPhone but also with any Android smartphones.

For a Boy:  What to give a boy for the new year, here are our suggestions. Apple Watch is not just a fashionable and beautiful accessory but also a smart assistant. It’s always at hand, or more precisely, on the wrist. Even during walks in the rain and swimming in the pool, you don’t have to part with it. All Apple Watches newer than the second series are waterproof. And in Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple Watch Series 9 , you can even dive with scuba diving, can you imagine?

For guys who are into sports and just take care of their health, smartwatches will be the best gift. They include key health indicators: ECG, heart rate monitor, thermometer, as well as sleep and stress monitoring functions. Apple Watches can also detect car accidents and call emergency services. But we hope you won’t need that.

With them, you can stay in touch with calls and SMS, play music, browse the Internet, and “talk” to the voice assistant Siri. In general, Apple Watch is both a personal trainer and a responsible assistant and just a pleasant companion.

Gifts for Colleagues and Friends:

Let’s be honest: if you give an iPhone to each colleague or close friend, you can go bankrupt. Of course, we are ready to offer you credit or installment payments, but still. What to do if you can’t ignore your friends but bankruptcy is not in your plans?

For such cases, the iSpace catalog has a lot of non-trivial, practical, and affordable solutions – accessories for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple TV. For example, an external battery, wireless charging, adapter, cable, keyboard, protective glasses, films, and cases.

Another gift idea is a gift certificate for shopping at iSpace stores. A fail-safe option for those who doubt their choice but would like to make a cool useful gift.
Available gift card amounts are: 30 000 AMD, 50 000 AMD and 100 000 AMD. 

0% installment for all iPhone models for the first 12 months. Special New Year’s offer until December 31.
0% credit for MacBook Air M2 chip and iPad 10.2 and 10.9 models until December 31.
Special price for MacBook Air with M1 and M2 chip, iPad 10.2 and 10.9 models until December 31.
Special price for Airpods 2nd and 3rd Gen. until December 31. From 59 900 AMD.
New Year’s offer on Apple Watch SE2 models. from 125 900 AMD.
Special offer for AirPods Max. Only 286 900 AMD.

Always be aware!

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