If you are looking for a speaker for exciting travels, summer picnics and hiking trips, find a place in your backpack for the hero of our today’s review – the Beosound Explore portable Bluetooth speaker. 

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The design attracts and protects at the same time

Bang & Olufsen devices do not need an introduction: the Danish brand of premium speakers is well known for its special attention to detail – both aesthetic and technological. But the Beosound Explore was developed by the designers of the Above, a Scandinavian innovation agency. Perhaps that is why we are catching more modern notes in the design.

The appearance of the speaker evokes a variety of associations: one design resembles a thermos flask, others – a tin can, and others – an explosive device. However, the device really explodes the brain and arrests the eye!

Taking it into your hands, you realize how well thought-out and interconnected everything is! The anodized aluminum body gives a pleasant coolness on a hot day. Ribbed surface makes it more reliable, more resistant to damage and reduces the weight (631 grams without the carbine, with dimensions of 81x124x81 mm). Between the rings, there is a high-quality rubberized mesh, which gives an outlet for the sound. From the first touch, it becomes clear that this is a luxury product, definitely.

The delivery set includes the speaker, silicone covers for the top and bottom of the speaker, USB Type-C cable for charging, carabiner for attaching to your backpack or belt, as well as instructions leaflet.

By the way, the color of the accessories matches the color of your Explore. There are five in total: “black anthracite,” “gray mist,” navy blue, auburn, and green. Each shade is top-notch, but the last two that reinforce the associations with nature.

Since the Beosound Explore is designed for active people who will listen to music outdoors (although who can stop you from doing it somewhere else?), the engineers took care of its ruggedness. The aluminum casing is scratch-resistant and will survive a drop on a hard surface, while the IP67 rating guarantees resistance to dust and water. So, unscheduled “bathing” at a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes will not be able to damage your device.

Impressive sound and stereo pairing

When it comes to portable speakers, many users nod condescendingly, they say – what can you expect from such a small device? A big speaker system, that’s where the sound is! And this belief gives the Beosound Explore speaker an additional advantage – suddenly it turns out to be a powerful speaker with a rich sound, devoid of obvious shortcomings.

Inside the loudspeaker are two full-range speakers – 1.8 inches and 30 watts each. The sound from the speaker seems to be everywhere, it’s omnidirectional 360 degrees, which you can feel right away. Even if you drop the Beosound Explore into the water – it will still be perfectly audible.

By the way, two Beosound Explore speakers can be combined into a stereo pair and it’s awesome. You can link them into one system in the Bang & Olufsen branded app: then each speaker takes over the function of the left and right speakers. The sound becomes even more expansive and loud.

Persistent battery and intuitive operation

The first time you connect your Bang & Olufsen portable speaker you will need to pair the Beosound Explore with your device. Connecting is a fairly quick and easy process. Download the proprietary app: there you can choose the sound mode or adjust the equalizers to your taste, and monitor the battery level.

By the way, the Beosound Explore has a 2000 mAh Li-lon battery. If you listen to music at average volume, the speaker will provide you with up to 27 hours of work. And you can charge it up to full alert in just three hours.

The controls are located on the top panel, and there you will also find a tiny LED charging indicator. The USB Type-C connector for charging is located on the bottom of the speaker. It allows not only to replenish the power but also to transfer music directly.

So what do we have here? The Beosound Explore is a luxurious, stylish and excellent-sounding speaker. But what is more important, it is actually indestructible: even flying down a high slope and landing on the bank of a forest river, it will continue to sing sweetly.

Always be aware!

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