The Danish brand of premium Bang & Olufsen speakers knows how to stand out. Each product is the embodiment of innovation, aesthetics and practicality. Beoplay A9 4 Gen home sound system is no exception: the organic balance between style and functionality makes it an object of universal admiration.

Design: designed to be part of your interior and lifestyle 

Before going into the strengths of the Bang&Olufsen  Beoplay A9 (although the speaker is good from every angle you look at it), here is an interesting comparison. Have you ever bought a car which has a gorgeous body in the color of your eyes, but absolutely mediocre “stuffing” – such that it hardly pulls a hundred per hour on the highway? Or on the contrary: the car is a powerful beast, but it doesn’t look like you’d wish to get in it.

So tell me, has it ever happened to you? Then you understand what an art it is to create a product that is equally beautiful, powerful and functional.

Beoplay A9 without false modesty really looks like a work of art. Designer Elvind Alexander Slaatto did his best: you wouldn’t even know it was a loudspeaker system. It is more like a modern piece of furniture, around which you want to build the entire concept of interior design. 

What is the Bang&Olufsen home audio system? It is a perfectly round 70 cm in diameter and 90 cm high panel, which looks a little like a satellite dish or a target. On its front side is the well-known Fibonacci pattern – and not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, it also acts as an air duct for low frequencies.

The entire structure is held together by three wooden legs. They are cut from solid maple and are easily screwed into the base at the back. There’s also a recessed handle at the back so you can move the speaker around the house. You’re not likely to do that very often, though, as its weight is about 18kg. And what is especially cool: Beoplay A9 speaker can be placed not only on the floor, but you can also hang it on the wall; all you need is to buy a suitable bracket.

The ugly and frightening audio systems that used to be found in every house were still fresh in our memory. There was nothing left to do but hide them away from view. All the more valuable this aesthetic and technological progress! Just look at how masterfully the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 home sound system blends into completely different styles of interiors without getting lost in them.

The Designer Elvind Alexander Slaatto wanted to create a timeless classic that would never get old and look aesthetically pleasing from any angle. We are confident that he succeeded.

The Sound: natural, but powerful – like in a concert performance

Once the excitement of the great looks wears off (though we can’t guarantee that it will), you might want to know more about what it can do. And there are more surprises waiting for you!

The Bang & Olufsen home audio system has 7 speakers with a total output power of 1500 watts and a subwoofer that produces the sound of the lowest frequencies, 400 watts. Controlling this power requires little effort: to turn the system’s sound on or off, place your hand in the center for two seconds; to decrease the volume, swipe gently to the left along the top surface of the unit’s aluminum contour, and to increase it, swipe to the right. You will not find any visible buttons on the front panel of Beoplay A9, and this is a very modern solution.

By the way, a unique smart technology has been developed for the amplifier system. The speaker is so smart that it can detect the size of the room it is in and independently adjust the output power depending on the surroundings. It’s the closest you’ll get to being in the same room with your favorite performer!  

The engineers have also developed three modes for positioning Beoplay A9 in the room: in a corner, against a wall, and freestanding. In each mode, the unit autonomously adjusts the bass output for each suggested option. Wherever the unit is placed, rest assured that the bass will be powerful and warm at the same time. It won’t drown out the midrange and treble, but will skillfully accentuate them.

Other features of the Beoplay A9 speaker

You must have already seen that every detail in this home audio system is created with great care and attention. The Bang & Olufsen engineers also made the connection process simple and straightforward. The most convenient connection option is AirPlay, but it is only available for owners of Apple devices. Android users can play music via Chromecast. 

The A9 also supports DLNA connectivity for a wired connection, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can connect to the Google Home voice assistant and control music playback with your voice.

We recommend downloading the free Bang & Olufsen app, where you can also change the sound settings to your liking and control the audio device from your iPhone or iPad.

But what’s even more stunning is the ability to combine two such audio systems into one. In this case, each device will take on the role of the left and right speakers, allowing you to double up the power and depth of the sound landscape!

What is the verdict?

You can buy a Bang&Olufsen audio system in Yerevan at the iSpace store. The price of the audio system is AMD 1 544 000.

If we remember that we are talking about a premium brand, the price of Beoplay A9 4th  seems more than acceptable. A device that is made of the highest quality materials, looks like a masterpiece of modern design and is ready to compete with a home theater system in its sound, just can’t be cheap

The Beoplay A9 review showed that Bang & Olufsen designers and engineers managed to achieve a unique balance of form and content in this device. Nothing similar is offered by other brands.

Always be aware!

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