Apple manufactures its devices using very durable materials. However, even the company’s gadgets require careful handling and proper care. Our experts’ recommendations will help you avoid a visit to the service center and extend the lifespan of your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

What to know before cleaning Apple devices?

For cleaning the screen and casing, it is recommended to use only a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using rough, linty fabrics, towels, including paper ones, for these purposes. The best way to clean the display, keyboard, and other surfaces is with wipes containing a 70% solution of ethyl alcohol or special disinfectant wipes, such as Clorox.

Using aerosol sprays, solvents, cleaning agents, and those containing bleach, acetone, or hydrogen peroxide is extremely dangerous! Do not use disinfectant solutions even to wipe textile and leather surfaces of cases and other accessories, let alone the devices.

Also, avoid moisture entering the device’s openings. But if liquid does get inside your device, we recommend not delaying and contacting an authorized Apple service center in Armenia.

How to Clean the Screen of Mac, iPad, and iPhone?

Before performing any actions on Apple devices, turn them off and disconnect them from the power adapter. It’s also advisable to disconnect all peripheral devices and remove cases and other accessories.

Dampen the cloth slightly with water or a special cleaning solution. Do not spray the solution directly onto the screen, as the liquid may seep into the display and cause damage.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth. An ideal choice is microfiber cloths. Wipe the screen very gently, applying minimal pressure to avoid damage.

If there is too much dust on the screen, don’t attempt to wipe it immediately. First, use a special brush to blow or sweep away the dust to prevent the formation of fine scratches.

By the way, the screens of modern devices have an oleophobic coating that is resistant to fingerprints. Over time, this coating wears off, which is a natural result of device usage. However, improper care can accelerate the wearing off of the coating.

How to Clean the Apple Device Casing?

Broadly speaking, the same recommendations for cleaning the MacBook, iPad, or iPhone screen apply to cleaning the device casing: use a soft cloth, maintain low humidity, and apply moderate pressure on the device. It’s not difficult to remove dirt from the casing with a special cleaning solution.

Dust is a serious enemy for technology, especially for Mac. It constantly floats in the air, and only regular cleaning helps reduce its amount. However, it doesn’t completely eliminate dust. Its particles inevitably make their way into the MacBook casing and settle on components. This worsens heat dissipation: the computer starts to overheat, make noise, and operate more slowly. In severe cases, some components may even fail. For example, the graphics chip is sensitive to overheating.

To prevent breakdowns, perform cooling system maintenance on your Mac at least once a year. Doing this yourself is extremely challenging: it requires professional tools and knowledge of structural features. One wrong move, and you can easily damage the cable connecting the keyboard to the board.

On your own, you can remove dust and crumbs that get into the keyboard mechanism. This is a common issue for those who snack while using the computer. Wipe the keys with a dry cloth or a soft brush. To blow out the keyboard, use a can of compressed air. Household items like a vacuum cleaner, a fan with a cold air stream, or a spray bottle can also be used.

To quickly and carefully clean your Mac from dust, you can visit the iSpace service center. Our engineers will gently remove dust, crumbs, and pet hair from internal components and provide advice on computer maintenance.

The iSpace service center is located at our store:  Amiran 7, Yerevan

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