Success in your studies depends largely on your ability to plan and prioritize your time. The Apple Watch can help you do just that. We tell you which features are particularly useful for schoolchildren and students.

Voice recorder: to record important thoughts and lectures

With this app, you can record the insights that come to mind while you’re on the go. And no need to find your notes, notebook or phone, the watch is always on your wrist. And you can record your lectures: the recordings are available on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad, all using the same Apple ID.

You can even record discreetly, though it’s not exactly about studying. To do so, simply tap on the screen so the clock goes off. Or minimize the app while you’re recording.

Another example of when you might want to use the recorder on the Apple Watch is to record a phone call on your iPhone. To do this, put the phone on speakerphone and activate the recording on the watch. By the way, you can only record a call on the smartphone itself using paid third-party apps.

Photo: Can be used as a cheat sheet if necessary

Cheating is a last resort, but sometimes a student has no choice. That’s when the Apple Watch comes to the rescue. You can hide it under your sleeve and it won’t be as conspicuous as a smartphone.

On the Apple Watch, you can open any photo in the iPhone gallery: a snapshot of a notebook, a screenshot of a Web page, a scan of a document, and more. And use the Digital Crown wheel to zoom in on any area (useful if the text is too small). 

To make the photo you want appear in the Photos app on your watch, add it to your iPhone Favorites album.

Notifications: to minimize distractions on the smartphone, but not to miss important things

When your phone is on your desk and the lecture isn’t very interesting, your hands reach for your gadget to answer your messages or see what’s new on Instagram/Telegram. You end up shifting your attention from one thing to another. And it takes time for your brain to get back to the lesson.

An interesting study on this was published in the International Journal of Information Management in 2003. It showed that when a person is distracted by a routine email check, it takes about 64 seconds to resume the task at hand. And what if you do this every 5 minutes? You’ll waste one minute out of six because of one email alone.

The Apple Watch displays all the notifications, messages and calls that arrive on your iPhone. So you’ll see if someone has liked your photo, sent you a message or TikTok. But if there’s something non-urgent, you won’t reach for your phone, you’ll review it later. This way you will pump up your ability to concentrate on one thing at a time. And this is an important skill not only in studying.

Consciousness: to focus on yourself and how you feel

In the flow of tasks, it’s very easy to forget about yourself. The Apple Watch offers a remedy for this with the Consciousness app. It includes two practices: Reflection and Breathing. Both help you take a short pause and focus on your state of mind. 

Breathing. This feature can help you normalize your breathing in times of stress: before exams, competitions, public speaking and other important engagements. It’s even more helpful if you make a habit of doing it regularly. It’s the deep, measured breathing that calms you down and focuses you into the present moment, and that’s consciousness.

Reflection. This is a kind of meditation: a clock offers you one question to meditate on for a minute. These sessions allow you not to worry about the future, but to focus on positive moments and memories. This way you take time for the present, develop creative thinking and practice self-soothing skills.

It only takes one minute, so there is time for everyone.

Sleep monitoring: to get a better night’s sleep

Tracking your sleep does not automatically make resting better. If you sleep four hours at a time, you’ll still feel broken in the morning. But constant monitoring allows you to spot bad trends and change them.

In the Sleep app on your Apple Watch, you can find out how long it usually takes you to fall asleep. You can also find out how many times you wake up during the night and how long you’ve been asleep.

By analyzing these metrics, you can change the habits that lead to sleep deprivation as well. For example, set your focus mode so your iPhone and Apple Watch won’t distract you with notifications when you fall asleep. And if you’re worried about missing an important call or message, make an exception for a contact.

Basic sleep statistics are displayed in the Health app. If you want more detailed information, the App Store is full of apps for that, for example, AutoSleep, Pillow and others.

Which Apple Watch should I choose?

  • The Series 7 is the newest model of watch. It has sensors built in for taking ECG and measuring blood oxygen levels. The display is always on: no need to raise your hand to see the contents. And without sacrificing battery life, the Series 7 has a more advanced battery. And it’s also the most robust watch in the range, with an extra-strong front glass and dust protection.
  • The Series 6 came out in 2020. It also has an ECG sensor and pulse oximeter. The watch charges in just 1.5 hours and has a battery life of 18 hours. The bezel on the display is slightly larger than on the Series 7, so the screen working area is slightly smaller. Case sizes are 40mm and 44mm.
  • The Series 3 is still a relevant 2015 model with an affordable price tag. The watch is able to track heart rate and warns of irregular heartbeats. Thanks to an altimeter, it measures the number of floors traveled. In terms of functionality, the model is inferior to recent innovations, but it’s great for basic fitness tracking.
  • The Apple Watch SE isn’t as advanced as the Series 7, but it costs significantly less. So it’s optimal for users who don’t need an ECG function or blood oxygen level measurement. Otherwise, it has everything the Apple Watch is loved for: functionality for an active lifestyle, taking care of your health and staying connected. You can wear the watch while swimming and diving to depths of up to 50 meters.

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