Apple devices are among the most reliable in the world. But like all technology, they, too, sometimes break down. The confused owner goes to the nearest repair shop, where they promise to fix the problem: replace the battery, replace a broken screen or reanimate the “dead” device. But promises don’t mean fixes.

Repairing an iPhone or Mac requires a narrow professional skill set. The engineer must also have special equipment and tools. There is another important point: Apple supplies original parts only to authorized service centers. All others have to either look for used ones or use Chinese ones.
Check out these three conditions if you don’t want to put your gadget at risk. 

Apple authorized service center in Armenia 

iSpace is not only an Apple Authorized Reseller. The company also includes iSpace Service, an Apple Authorized Service Centre. Our service has the high status of Authorized service provider, which will soon be fully operational.

Benefits of iSpace Service:

  1. Competencies: To get on the job, iSpace service engineers are trained by Apple. They learn the specifics of each product individually: iPhone, Mac and more. Then they validate their skills in an exam.
    The high level of training enables iSpace service engineers to repair appliances in accordance with Apple quality standards.  
  2. Equipment and tools come directly from the manufacturer. Apple devices are complex electronic devices. And when they are repaired, they require gentle disassembly using special tools that prevent damage to the devices.
  3. New genuine Apple parts: These are the same parts used in manufacturing your iPhone or Mac at the manufacturer’s factory. 

The services of iSpace service, an official Apple service center

We provide two types of maintenance service: maintenance and repair (soon). More information about iOS, iPadOS and macOS services and prices can be found here

 Very soon, iSpace Service will be offering repairs for Apple equipment of any complexity: 

  • device diagnostics;
  • modular repair of iPhone, MacBook, iMac;
  • replacement of display, camera, battery, housing;
  • Mac dust removal and thermal paste replacement;
  • mesh cleaning without disassembling the case;
  • repair of Apple accessories: chargers, adapters and others. 

Repairs and warranty

The iSpace service will carry out warranty service of your Apple equipment and paid repair. For example, if you broke the display on the device under warranty, only its replacement in an authorized service center will save the warranty on the device as a whole.  

The fact is that any third-party intervention (including opening the device in unauthorized workshops) is a reason to deny Apple warranty service. This rule is due to the fact that Apple is not responsible for the quality of repairs and spare parts at non-certified service centers. For example, there is no information on what equipment and under what conditions the repair was performed: is everything intact after such intervention? Also, third-party accessories may cause other malfunctions or some functions may be unavailable. For example, if the iPhone’s display is replaced with a Chinese one, Face ID is blocked. This is due to a software protection mechanism against non-original replacement parts.

Therefore, contact iSpace Service if you want to restore full functionality of your device.

 Another reason to visit the official Apple service center iSpace Armenia

We are located in the heart of the city: 7, Amiryan Str., Yerevan

 Visit us for a consultation or contact us by phone: +374 44 204 205

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