A new iSpace shop will open in Rio Mall on 2 February. This is the second official shop of Apple technics and accessories in Yerevan, but the first and the only one with Premium Reseller status in the country. Here’s what fans of the brand can expect on the occasion of such a high-profile event.

So what’s there?

The opening of the first showroom in Armenia with the prestigious Apple Premium Reseller status is a great reason for pride and joy. And joy, as you know, needs to be shared. That’s why our team is preparing a real celebration for our customers!

The doors of the new iSpace space will open on February 2 at 14:00 in the Rio Mall. Come to the sounds of incendiary music: Dj Dairo and Dj Jack will play for you. Famous artists, actors and bloggers will also be in charge of setting the mood. The bravest and most gambling ones will try their luck in gift drawings.

We won’t reveal all the cards. It’s better to come and see everything with your own eyes!

What does Apple Premium Reseller status mean to customers?

The Apple Premium Reseller (APR) designation is one of the most prestigious titles available to authorized resellers. Apple designates only the best-in-class shops that meet Apple’s standards and shipments in style.

From the peace of mind that all devices carry the manufacturer’s official warranty, to the finer details of being able to park in the vicinity, there are so many benefits for customers.

  • All of Apple’s products are brought together in one space. Among them are both the most popular models that have already gained the trust of users, and barely released novelties. In iSpace you will find the entire product range Apple: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, as well as branded accessories for these devices.
  • The open display. We do not hide our products behind seven locks. Instead, we give you the opportunity to take it in your hand, look at it properly, and try out all of its features before you buy. Take a picture with your iPhone, listen to music on your AirPods, run your fingers over the keyboard on your Mac. Be confident in your choice. And our sales associates are nearby to help you, whenever you need them.
  • Wide range of accessories. Premium technology needs high-quality accessories, including those from other prestigious brands. Our team has carefully selected and tested each product before offering it to you. At iSpace you’ll find everything you could possibly need: protective glass, cases, cables, adapters, chargers, keyboards, mice, stabilizers, portable speakers and much more.
  • The iSpace authorized service center. Here you can not only buy equipment Apple, but also to repair it. The iSpace experts work on professional equipment and use only original components for repair. One of the bonuses is the availability of a swap stock. This means that if a quick repair is not possible, the customer will get a loaner to use another device. In addition, you can take out an extended warranty and insurance, which will help to avoid possible force majeure with the equipment in the future.
  • Training and consulting. To become the best, iSpace experts have learned from the best. And they continue to learn from Apple-certified trainers. If you’re new to Apple, we’re sure we can get you “up and running” with your new device and lay out the basics for setting up and using your device quickly and easily. And if you’ve been with Apple for a while, we’ll create a bespoke training program to help you get more in-depth knowledge of your device and ecosystem.


Special offers to celebrate the opening of iSpace

When better than on the opening day of the new iSpace showroom to delight customers with pleasant bonuses? We have developed a number of unique offers to make the event truly memorable and motivate you to visit us again.

Only for the first 250 buyers of Apple technics during the period from January 24 to February 5 inclusive:

  1.  AMD 20,000 as a gift! The sum is provided for the purchase of 2 units.
  2. Interest-free installments on all major products. During the first 12 months absolutely no prepayment, annual interest rate or maintenance fee – nothing at all. Total repayment period – up to 36 months. Detailed advice can be obtained from our specialists.


For all customers from 24th January and 5th February inclusive:

  • Tax Free at 16.67%. Tax Free is an international system that allows you to receive a VAT refund on your purchases abroad. If you are a non-resident of the country and Armenia is not the last point of your itinerary, just show the goods and the receipt of purchase at the border to iSpace and you will get a 16.67% refund in cash or on card.


For all buyers from February 2 to 5 inclusive:

  • Certificate for one visit to Reebok Sports Club. When you buy Apple products worth at least AMD 400,000 you get a gift – a visit to the Rebook Sports Club premium sports center. Swimming pool, spa, and gym will be at your disposal the whole day!


All Apple brand fans are welcome to go to the next level with us!

We are waiting for you in the first Apple Premium Reseller in Armenia. The showroom will open at 14:00 on February 2, Rio Mall, 8, Vahram Papazyan St., Yerevan.

The future working hours of the shop are from 10:00 to 22:00.

Always be aware!

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