ACBC Company has launched the Buy-back Apple – a new kind of service, which allows renewing the stock of computer office equipment at the lowest cost. Its mechanism of action is similar to trade-in, but has an important difference – the client receives a guarantee in advance that the devices will be repurchased.

What is a buy-back?

It is an arrangement whereby a business or individual sells goods and then repurchases them in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The concept originated in the late 1990s and was originally associated with the stock market, where companies bought back their shares. But the scheme is also relevant in other areas – for example, in sales.

How does it work?

The partner company and ASBC enter into a trilateral sale and repurchase agreement. Under this contract, the ASBC supplies the devices to the partner. Subsequently, a third party, the Buy-back operator, undertakes to buy them back. This can be an authorised service provider from Apple. It will subsequently sell used devices but already refurbished and with an additional guarantee.

Why is it convenient and beneficial for the customer?

1. It is a method of implementing a corporate device renewal policy. The average renewal period for computers in IT is 2-3 years, and 5 years – in finance. Then the devices inevitably become obsolete and outdated. The Buy-back ensures: when the depreciation period is over, your computers are valued and repurchased. Their value depends on the condition of the equipment and is assessed according to a system of grades.

You don’t have to worry about disposing of old machines. We take care of everything: We collect old devices and bring in new ones.

2. Guaranteed right of sale on pre-agreed terms. With this option, the depreciation value of the equipment can be accepted as an asset at a reduced cost of redemption.

3. Both reduced cost and depreciation impact on P&L and company balance sheet. The depreciation cost is the price of a new unit minus the redemption value. By reducing the depreciation value of the asset on the books, the depreciation cost per year is also reduced.

4. There is no need for warehousing and disposal of devices. Many companies are literally overwhelmed with unused equipment that needs to be disposed of somehow. And that process requires not only storage space but also human resources. The Buy-back solves this problem by being proactive. This is very convenient for companies that operate remotely and do not have office space or warehouses.

Keep your business up to date with Buy-back Apple. The service will be available soon, submit an online application and our manager will contact you.

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