Apple’s most advanced watches are available now in The product introduces fresh colors, large modern display and fast charging, and also a rugged case, which will protect from bumps, dust and water. That’s all about the Apple Watch Series 7.

Here are 8 reasons to upgrade to the new watch.

1. New design and fresh colors

The aluminum Apple Watch 7 comes in five new colors:

  • “Dark night”;
  • “Shining star”;
  • “Green clover”;
  • “Blue maelstrom.”
  • Product (Red).

Apple also updated the line of straps. For example, there are new colors, and the sporty nylon Velcro bracelet is now colored in two colors.

By the way, Apple Watch straps designed for past models fit the Series 7: 38mm and 40mm for the 41mm, and 42 and 44mm for 45mm. How many companies can boast a multi-year accessory support cycle for their smartwatches?

2. Big screen, huge benefit.

Visually, the glass size of the Series 7 has remained actually the same. However, its display is considered the largest ever. How did Apple accomplish this? The goal is achieved by reducing the bezel: it’s 40 percent smaller now than the Series 6. That increases effective screen area by nearly 20 percent.

Owing to the smaller bezels, the Series 7 gets a beautiful refractive effect around the edges of the display – it looks like the image is bending behind the glass.

The new watch features an always-on Retina display. It’s 70% brighter than Series 6. That means you don’t have to lift your wrist or touch the screen to see the time.

3. Fast charging 

A bright display is no excuse to compromise battery life. The Series 7 lasts 18 hours on a single charge. That’s a great result when the display and other functions are always on.  

It charges up to 33% faster than the previous generation. For example, 8 minutes is enough for 8 hours of sleep tracking. And it only takes 45 minutes to charge a device from 0 to 80%. This is made possible by new charger architecture and a magnetically actuated cable. It is included in the package.

4. The strongest watch in Apple Watch history

Apple increased the thickness of the front glass on the Series 7 by 50 percent. It’s now stronger and more resistant to cracking without sacrificing optical clarity. 

The new watch is IP6X certified for dust resistance, so you can wear it to the beach, to the cottage, or even on a trip through the desert. 

Water resistance class WR50 allows you to dive with the watch to a depth of 50 meters, as well as swim in a pool or in the sea.

5. New watchOS 8 features

The new display makes it much easier to use the watch. The Series 7 has added two additional larger fonts. The interface and buttons in many apps have been enlarged, so you no longer have to squint or miss when entering a passcode or other characters.

The new QWERTY keyboard allows you to enter text with your finger (so far only in English). And also add the next word from the suggested context. To recognize it, the watch will use machine learning. 

6. Exclusive watch faces

With the release of the Series 7, Apple also added new watch faces. Two of them are designed exclusively for the new model. The “Contour” spectacularly emphasizes the new shape of the screen: the numbers spread out on the rounded edges of the display and change smoothly from hour to hour. By the way, you can match the color of the background or the numbers to the color of the strap. The “Modules (double)” dial allows you to add two large extensions with detailed data.

7. Updates for cycling.

The Apple Watch can now automatically detect cycling and even electric scooter riding. This happens about 5 minutes after you start your workout. The watch takes into account how long you’ve been moving and standing – for example, at a stoplight. And if you forget to turn off your workout, the watch reminds you.

The fall detection feature has also been optimized. If you don’t move for one minute after a violent shock, the watch will initiate an emergency call directly from your wrist. This feature now recognizes falls while cycling and during other workouts.

The Apple Watch is a powerful device for healthy living. It has an innovative built-in sensor to measure blood oxygen levels, an important feature during the coronavirus pandemic. The watch can do an EKG, which helps detect signs of heart conditions. It also shows your heart rate, tracks your sleep, monitors your breathing, and has many other features to take care of your health.

Which Apple Watch should I choose?

Any Apple Watch is a device that can do many things, from ensuring well-being to smart functions. Since the watch comes in two sizes, it’s easy to choose the model that will fit a woman’s or man’s hand.

The capabilities of the Apple Watch vary by series. But all the current models (Series 7, 6, 3 and SE) make life more convenient. You can get notifications, answer calls, and make payment for purchases, control music and more right from your wrist.

Apple Watch at iSpace:

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