The iPhone 15 Pro became the highlight of Apple’s September presentation. In line with tradition, they received numerous new features and became the most advanced smartphones of the brand. However, this doesn’t mean that last year’s iPhone 14 Pro has sharply declined in its position. Yes, they are no longer the latest, but they remain powerful and relevant, all while being affordable.

Which of these two iPhones should you choose in 2023? Read in our review.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro: Differences in Design

For the first time in the production of Apple smartphones, the company has incorporated titanium—a super-strong material used in NASA’s Mars rovers. The frames of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are made of a titanium alloy. Meanwhile, the casing of last year’s iPhone 14 Pro is crafted from surgical steel—a familiar material that has proven itself excellently.

Another distinction lies in the mute switch button: in the iPhone 14 Pro, it’s a standard toggle, whereas in the iPhone 15 Pro, it’s a customizable Action button. Various functions can be assigned to it, such as silent mode, camera launch, flashlight activation, voice recorder, and more. Alternatively, you can create your own custom command, like turning on VPN, opening an app, and so on.

The screen diagonal in both smartphones is the same: 6.1 inches. The dimensions are also nearly identical.

iPhone 14 Pro: 147.5 × 71.5 × 7.85 mm, 206 g:

iPhone 15 Pro: 146.6 × 70.6 × 8.25 mm, 187 g:

In terms of specifications, the newcomer has become slightly thinner and lighter. However, the perception of this difference is subjective, especially if you use a phone case.

Colors of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro

The palette for last year’s Pro versions includes 4 colors: ‘deep purple,’ ‘cosmic black,’ gold, and silver.”

The colors for the iPhone 15 Pro are different: ‘titanium black,’ ‘titanium blue,’ ‘titanium white,’ and ‘natural titanium’ with a gray tint.

Both models feature pastel shades for the casing, with a matte glass back panel.

Specifications of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro

All the top features that make the iPhone a market leader are present in both smartphones:

  • Memory options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB;
  • Always-On Display;
  • LiDAR scanner; Dynamic Island on the front panel;
  • OLED Super Retina XDR1 display with ProMotion support and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Peak brightness – up to 2000 nits outdoors;
  • Powerful battery: up to 23 hours of playback; Durable Ceramic Shield glass;
  • IP68: waterproof up to 6 meters for 30 minutes;
  • MagSafe support, 5G, and Bluetooth 5.3.

However, the most interesting differences lie in the specifications. Let’s focus on the most important aspects.


The iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with the A16 Bionic chip with 6 CPU cores and 5 GPU cores. This chipset was initially designed with a performance reserve for several years ahead. Today, it easily handles resource-intensive applications, surpassing most competitors. It can handle video editing, photo processing, play heavy games, simultaneously run dozens of applications, and switch between them instantly. The power of the iPhone 14 Pro is sufficient for the absolute majority of users.

The iPhone 15 Pro features the A17 Pro chip – currently the fastest mobile processor in the world. It has 6 CPU cores and 6 GPU cores (one more than its predecessor). According to Apple, the central processor is 10% faster, and the graphics processor is 20% faster.

The iPhone 15 Pro is ideal for gaming. Apple introduced hardware-accelerated ray tracing for the first time in this model, which is four times faster than software-based tracing (as in the A16 Bionic). This feature ensures smooth graphics and realistic lighting, highlights, and reflections in games. Overall, gamers will appreciate it. Additionally, they can now play console games directly on the phone, including titles like Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage.


Both the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro are equipped with a professional camera system with three lenses and Sensor Shift optical image stabilization (2nd generation). Both models have a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 120° field of view. The resolution of the ‘telephoto’ lens is 12 MP. There are four optical zoom options: 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x.

The main difference in the new model is that it captures images with the main camera at 24 MP, while the iPhone 14 Pro captures at 12 MP. This refers to the basic shooting mode; in ProRAW, both models offer 48 MP. Another advantage of the iPhone 15 Pro is the ability to switch between lenses at 24, 28, and 35 mm – the most popular focal lengths for photographers.

Apart from hardware innovations, there are also software improvements, made possible in part by the new A17 Pro chip. Portraits, photos, and videos in night mode or low light are now clearer and brighter. The camera also learned to identify subjects in the frame and automatically switch to portrait mode. This works with people, cats, and dogs.

In summary, both smartphones have excellent cameras. When shooting during the day with the main camera, you probably won’t notice much of a difference. However, you might notice that when shooting at night or using zoom, the quality of content is better on the iPhone 15 Pro. How crucial this difference is will vary for each user.

Important Note: If you plan to purchase the Apple Vision Pro headset, which can play 3D videos, it’s better to order the iPhone 15 Pro. This new model allows recording volumetric spatial videos. The headset is expected to be released in early 2024.

Connector: Lightning vs. USB-C

The iPhone 14 Pro comes with a Lightning connector, while the iPhone 15 Pro features a USB-C. Which one is better? There is no definitive answer. Lightning is Apple’s proprietary standard. The connector is solid, reliable, and wears out slowly. On the other hand, USB-C is more globally recognized: you can charge your smartphone with a cable from another device. Don’t forget about the speed: USB-C can reach speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

However, the connector is unlikely to be the deciding factor when choosing a phone. You can order the iPhone 14 Pro and, if needed, purchase a wireless charger for it and forget about wires on your desk altogether.


Both models impress with their performance and advanced features, so you won’t be disappointed with either choice.

If you’re seeking a powerful and up-to-date smartphone for everyday use but not necessarily chasing the latest innovations, the iPhone 14 Pro is a solid option. Despite the release of the new iPhone 15 Pro, it hasn’t become any less capable. Thanks to regular iOS updates, this phone will remain on current software for at least another 5 years.

On the other hand, if you prefer flagship devices, enjoy mobile gaming, or are buying a phone for professional photo and video shooting, then opt for the latest model. It represents the best of the best in the smartphone market. An exceptionally powerful processor, top-notch camera, customizable Action button, and a versatile USB-C port—all housed in a sleek titanium body. The cost of the iPhone 15 Pro is fully justified. Even if you’re not ready to pay the full amount upfront, you can still fulfill your dream by purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro in installments from the i-Space.

iPhone 14 Pro: Price in 2023

At i-Space stores, the cost of the iPhone 14 Pro starts at 509,900 AMD for the model with 128GB of storage.

iPhone 15 Pro: Price from Official Resellers

At i-Space, the cost of the new model starts from 584,900 AMD for the version with 128GB.

Both models are available in our stores.

How and Where to Buy iPhone in Installments

In any i-Space store, as well as on the website, you can opt for installment plans for the iPhone 14 Pro or 15 Pro.


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