Maslow’s pyramid graphically represents basic human needs, from the basic to the more sublime. If we take it as the basis of employee values, it becomes clear: professional development and the use of quality tools in work are just as important as money. This explains why more and more companies are offering their employees benefits such as remote working, social packages, corporate loyalty programs, and now also the opportunity to choose their own devices for work.  

 What is the Employee Choice Programme? 

 The Employee Choice Programme is the new level of corporate culture to which all successful companies aspire.Under this program, they are given the opportunity to choose the best technologies for themselves.  

 For example, experts from the independent research company Vanson Bourne, in cooperation with software developer Jamf and Apple, found, that 3 out of 4 employees would prefer to work on a Mac. And that’s no surprise. Apple’s technology offers great promise and an opportunity to reach your potential. MacOS is a very friendly operating system. And it’s easy to use with a user-friendly, intuitive interface. So even for newcomers, the adaptation period will be as quick and painless as possible.  

 It is the easiest way for employers to show how much they value their teams, by giving employees a choice, including technology. In addition, such an approach creates an attractive positioning of the company and demonstrates its scale.  

 An interesting fact: a few years ago, at the height of the pandemic, there was a wave of voluntary redundancies dubbed the ‘Great Dismissal’. This phenomenon was triggered by low staff satisfaction and lack of job motivation. According to the CNBS-Catalyst survey this trend will continue until companies start caring about their employees, taking their problems and wishes into account both in work and in life.  

 Forbes journalists also agree with the prediction. Employees feeling recognized and supported by their employer are almost five times more effective. Healthy, motivated and satisfied with their work, they show higher results, cheerfulness and resilience to stress.  

 So, team engagement and well-being is an integral part of a modern business strategy. It’s what will lead your business to success.  

Top 5 reasons why your business needs an employee choice programme 

 #1: Attracting new talent 

 In a situation where your potential candidate has several equally good offers at once, you need to set yours apart. By letting the employee choose their work device, you’ll leave a good impression on them and show that you care about your workforce.  

 A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that about 78% of millennials believe that having access to technology they like at work makes them more efficient.  

 #2: Retaining your current staff 

 From a financial point of view, keeping experienced players in the team is more profitable than hiring and training new ones. The situation is more difficult if the company’s budget is limited. But it is possible to persuade employees to leave the company. Give them more decision-making freedom, a choice of better technologies and opportunities for personal growth.  

 The IBM has confirmed that employees who were allowed to use a Mac were 3 times more likely to be loyal and supportive than Windows users. As a result, they are less likely than others to quit at 17%.  

 #3: Increasing the level of motivation and team effectiveness  

 When employees get what they believe is best for them, they feel like an important link in the team. This inspires and motivates them to work even harder to reach new heights and thereby justify the trust of management. This chain of action leads smoothly to increased efficiency and productivity, both of the individual employee or team and of the business as a whole. 

 #4: Sharing the responsibility for technical support 

 Apple devices are phenomenally secure and easy to use. Even a novice understands the functionality, and the Mac is ready to go right out of the box. So when they choose a Mac, they automatically relieve IT of some of the work associated with maintaining a device on a day-to-day basis. The adjustment period is quick and easy. 

 Analysts at IBM found that macOS users are 5 times less likely to need technical support than their Windows colleagues. It fosters independence in them, and removes the need for the company to maintain a large staff of IT specialists. 

 #5: Reducing company costs 

 In 2016, IBM thrilled the business community with a new study. The company’s experience showed that using a Mac instead of a PC cut costs by about $500. Recent JAMF calculations have raised the stakes even further: a business now saves about $843 over three years of using one MacBook.  

 Many factors have made this possible. For example, a Mac rarely breaks and the software is already installed and requires no paid updates thus reducing IT-Support costs for businesses. And because they’re made from high-quality, durable materials, Macs last up to 7 years or more if used with care and moderation. And reselling a 3-year-old Mac would set it back around $610, while a PC would fetch a much lower price of around $137.  

 By the way, BuyBack and Trade-in services reduce the costs of depreciation, storage and disposal of obsolete devices. With BuyBack, the company also receives a guaranteed buyback on pre-agreed terms. 

Corporate loyalty programme for ASBC partners 

 The Employee Choice Program is a fundamentally new approach to building a corporate culture. You will be able to attract and, sometimes even more importantly, retain top-notch professionals, solving the problem of staff turnover. Also, strengthen your own loyalty program. 

 Your business can take the first step in the right direction now. Get great deals on Apple technology for your employees by signing up for ASBC’s corporate loyalty program.  No extra cost on your part: just contact our managers for all the details. Offer on MacBook Pro on chip M1 Pro and M1 Max is limited! 

 ASBC is the official reseller of Apple technics in CIS countries, the owner of the iSpace shop chain and Apple authorized service centers, as well as a Trade-in and BuyBack provider with an impeccable reputation in the market since 1996. 

 We know for a fact: whatever is good for employees is good and profitable for the business as a whole. By caring and listening to their interests, you build a successful business development strategy and company image. And you create a team united by shared values, traditions and motivation. It has the potential to move mountains and bring in big profits.  



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