Companies around the world are actively using Apple computers in business. They are simple to deploy and easy to learn. They are stable and provide security for corporate data.

The list of benefits of Apple technology is endless, but today we will focus on one in detail: the Apple Business Manager Service.

What is the Apple Business Manager?

It is a convenient and free company cabinet in the Apple ecosystem. Combined with Mobile Device Management (MDM), it maximizes the potential of Macs, iPhones and iPads in the corporate environment, as well as optimizing deployment and managing them remotely.

A fundamental feature of Apple Business Manager (ABM) is that the Mac owners are the company, not the employees. This means that all devices registered with ABM comply with corporate policy and are always under the company’s control. Even if one user locks a device, your IT administrator can easily regain access to it.

Who needs the Apple Business Manager and why?

Apple Business Manager is suitable for any type of business and fits easily into a company’s existing infrastructure, whether you have 10 devices or 10,000.

But when a business uses many computers, it takes more time for IT to set them up manually. Install apps, email, VPNs and more. Apple Business Manager saves time and resources for your IT department.

But when a business uses many computers, it takes more time for IT to set them up manually. Install apps, email, VPNs and more. Apple Business Manager saves time and resources for your IT department.

Your administrator can register new devices remotely, download enterprise apps and policies to them, and customize the set-up process for any group. You can even enforce your own security policy (encryption, complex password requirements, and more). You don’t need to physically interact with the computers, you can take them out of the box and distribute them to employees right away. Otherwise, you can have them delivered to your office or workers’ homes, free of charge, from the supplier’s stock.

When users turn on their Mac for the first time, they need to connect to Wi-Fi and select a language. These are simple steps even for an inexperienced user. Ten to 15 minutes after connecting to the network, the necessary data will be installed on the computer and the Mac will be ready for use.

Main capacities of the Apple Business Manager

  •  Automatic deployment (Zero Touch Deployment). ABM uses automatic device registration. It allows companies to quickly deploy a large number of Macs and register with MDM remotely. There is no need to handle each device individually.
  •  The setup process is simplified. Your employees get the right configuration on their Mac the very first time they turn it on.
  •  Control and security. The high level of control in ABM provides additional controls. These include MDM non-removable solutions. Should it ever happen that a Mac belonging to your company goes missing, your corporate data remains perfectly safe. Your IT department can remotely lock your computer and wipe any sensitive information from it.
  •  Purchase applications, licenses and books in bulk (Volume Purchase Programm). Companies can purchase Mac software and distribute purchased licenses using management systems. Corporate credit cards or VPP credit points purchased on demand can be used to purchase applications. VPP helps finance departments streamline the purchasing process and reduce the number of transactions they need to process.

  • App reassignment. The IT administrator will be able to reassign applications purchased in bulk via Apple Business Manager between employees. This allows you to retain ownership of the software if an employee leaves the company.
  • Managed Apple IDs. Unlike personal IDs, managed Apple IDs are administered by an organization that can reset passwords, restrict purchases and more. Employees with a managed Apple ID can use Apple apps and services and access work data in managed apps using iCloud Drive.
  • Integrated authentication. ABM’s connection to Microsoft Azure Directory allows you to catalogue and organize employee information and automatically create a managed Apple ID account for them.
  • Use managed Apple ID accounts along with personal ones. If your employees work on their own devices (BYOD model), they can separate personal and corporate data. This is done by using a managed Apple ID on the same device in parallel with the personal one.

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