Apple’s new smartwatches bring groundbreaking capabilities to users. Devices that make the lives of millions of people more comfortable have become even more powerful, reliable, and convenient. They now feature the most powerful Apple Watch chip in history, the S9 SiP, improved energy efficiency, the Double Tap gesture, Siri, and secure access and data registration for health information. But let’s go through it step by step.

S9 SiP Chip

This is Apple’s new flagship processor. It provides system-wide improvements and cool features like the Double Tap gesture and Siri right on the watch. Thanks to the 4-core Neural Engine processor, the new watches handle machine learning tasks twice as fast as the previous Series 8 model. Energy efficiency is also top-notch: the new S9 SiP chip allows the Apple Watch 9 to operate in standalone mode for up to 18 hours.

The performance of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is even more impressive: up to 36 hours of active use and up to 72 hours in low-power mode. These are ideal watches for extreme activities, even suitable for diving, kitesurfing, and wakeboarding. The Ultra 2 series watches can withstand immersion at depths of up to 40 meters.

Brighter Display

The S9 SiP chip has allowed developers to achieve a brighter display in the new Apple Watch models. The maximum brightness of the Apple Watch 9 display is up to 2000 nits, which is twice the capability of the Series 8.

In the Apple Watch Ultra 2 model, it goes up to 3000 nits, which is 50% brighter than the first-generation Ultra.

Now, users will find it even more comfortable to read text in bright sunlight. The minimum brightness value is 1 nit, which is relevant for dark environments or early mornings when you don’t want to disturb or draw attention to those around you.

By the way, the flashlight in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also improved: rotating the Digital Crown temporarily doubles the brightness to illuminate the path more effectively.

Double Tap Gesture

Each new generation of watches aims to make the user experience even more amazing and enjoyable. In addition to gestures like tapping, swiping, raising your wrist, and covering the screen to mute, there’s now the Double Tap gesture. This feature allows you to control the watch without physically touching the device. Simply double-tap with the tips of your thumb and index finger, as shown in the photo below. Double Tap controls the main button in the app. This way, you can answer or end calls, play music, stop alarms, take photos, and much more.

The Double Tap gesture was made possible thanks to a faster Neural Engine mechanism. It processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart rate sensor. Algorithms detect subtle wrist movements and changes in blood flow when your fingers touch each other twice.

Siri Right on Your Watch

Another fantastic update: now Siri requests are processed directly on the device. The responses to requests that don’t require internet access will be more accurate and prompt. For example, starting a workout or setting a timer. Additionally, thanks to the Neural Engine system, dictation has also become more accurate, by 25% compared to the Apple Watch 8.

Data processing on the smartwatch is completely confidential and secure. Siri can be used to access information from the “Health” app. With the voice assistant, users can inquire about their sleep information from the previous night, check if their activity rings are closed, and make changes to weight or medication intake settings.

More Accurate iPhone Search

This is one of the favorite features for users who own both Apple Watch and iPhone. Often, when we misplace our smartphone, we can’t find it. But by activating the search function on the watch, you’ll get audible and visual cues to help you locate your device. The second-generation UWB ultra-wideband chip makes searching even more accurate for the iPhone 15 lineup. The Precision Finding feature determines the distance and direction and provides visual, tactile, and auditory cues to help locate it, even if it’s in another room.

Available Colors and Sizes

Apple Watch Series 9 is available in sizes 41mm and 45mm, in stunning colors including Pink, Starlight, Midnight, Silver, (PRODUCT)RED in aluminum cases, as well as stainless steel cases in Gold, Silver, and Graphite.

Buyers will also have access to a new collection of Hermes and Nike bands. In these collaborations, Apple aims not only to create beautiful and comfortable accessories but also environmentally friendly ones. This is a delightful bonus for those who care about environmental protection. Apple is sticking to its plan and aims to achieve a carbon-neutral production of its products by 2030.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is available in a 49mm size with a case made from recycled titanium. By the way, the new logo on the watch packaging also emphasizes carbon neutrality.

Just a reminder that the presentation of Apple’s new products took place on the evening of September 12th. Among the new releases are not only the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 but also the iPhone 15 lineup. Soon, all the updated models will be available for purchase in all iSpace stores. Stay tuned for news on our blog and Instagram to pre-order your devices and be among the first to get your hands on them.

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