Today we’re sharing a selection of apps for the Apple Watch that will prove very useful during yoga practice.

The Apple Watch is no longer just a watch. Today it is a personal fitness trainer as well, and it is difficult to overestimate its “services”, especially now, in the conditions of home self-isolation. He monitors your health indicators around the clock, and motivates you to be active and increase your fitness level.

If you practice yoga, here are five apps for Apple Watch that can help you understand the basics, plan your activities, learn how to meditate and breathe properly.

Note that some of the apps are designed to work with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Shall we get started?

Daily Yoga

According to Healthline, America’s largest health resource, Daily Yoga is “The Best Yoga App. It is designed for beginners as well as practicing yogis. The user is offered over 500 asanas and 70 class programs, as well as various meditation sessions, playlists, and helpful articles.

And if you have no idea where to start, try the Smart Coach. Just set your goals for the near future and Smart Coach will be your guide through the classes.

On the Apple Watch, you’ll be able to track your exercise duration, calories burned and heart rate, and share these data with Apple Health.

But there’s a “surprise” waiting for you: all is available in English. But we believe it’s never too late to learn.

Meditation & Sounds

This is a real meditative audio course that each user can adjust depending on his or her goals, physical condition, and mood.

The modern pace of life constantly exposes us to micro-stresses, which leads to serious consequences. Meditation & Sounds provides access to a huge number of anti-stress meditations to help you cope with lack of sleep, poor productivity, anxiety, absent-mindedness, and low self-esteem.

By the way, the developers say that the application on the Apple Watch is used three times more often than on the iPhone. Of course, it’s so convenient! Although there are suspicions that a positive mood and, as a consequence, the desire to actively work on themselves also contribute to stylish and summery bright watch straps.

Breathe App

This is probably the best assistant in breathing practices. Even beginners will master the exercises. In the process you will be able to relax, concentrate, calm your mind and put your thoughts in order.

There are visual elements on the screen of the Apple Watch, and gentle vibrations that you feel on your wrist, signaling when you need to inhale and exhale air. Proper breathing saturates your brain with the right amount of oxygen, lowers your blood pressure, and helps you calm down. And in a global perspective, regular practice neutralizes the effects of micro-stress.

You won’t get notifications while you’re breathing in the Breathe app – the Apple Watch will turn off some of them so you can focus. A large number of calls, messages, notifications, and excessive physical activity will cause the session to end automatically.

My Water

It is known that the average person needs to consume about 2 liters of pure water a day. This leads to improved digestion, cleansing of the skin, normalization of the cardiovascular system. My Water will help to develop this healthy habit.

Taking into account your gender, age, weight and daily activity, the app will calculate your daily norm. You will have access to statistics and tips, as well as reminders about the amount and time of drinking.

Like most other apps, My Water integrates with Apple Health.


This is a very clear and handy calorie calculator. Share your age, sex, height, weight, activity level and goals and MyFitnessPal will tell you how to keep fit.

We recommend keeping a daily diary for maximum effectiveness. Don’t forget to make notes about what you ate, how much you ate, and whether there was any physical activity during the day. And your Apple Watch will analyze your activity, the calories burned, and the healthiness and nutritional value of your food. And, by the way, MyFitnessPal has the largest food database – more than 4 million items from the most diverse cuisines in the world!

The benefits of yoga for physical health and mental harmony are enormous! And it’s great if you can find time for yourself even in your crazy rhythm. You should agree that it is always possible to find 10-15 minutes to do yoga. And with such assistants you will always be healthy, cheerful and attractive!

Always be aware!

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