We want to share the sunny summer mood with you and launch a contest for “yellow” photos taken with an iPhone.

The 4 most creative participants will receive prizes from sponsors:

🎁 3 certificates (50,000, 30,000, and 20,000 AMD) from @ispace.armenia

🎁 Professional photoshoot from @torosyan_photography

To win a cool prize, you’ll need plenty of yellow color and… a pinch of inspiration! 💫


1️⃣ Publish a thematic PHOTO on your page in a post or story – until 10:00 AM on June 12th.

2️⃣ Include the hashtag #HelloYellowArmenia and tag 2 accounts: @officialreseller_armenia and @ispace.armenia in your post.

3️⃣ Comment “I’m participating” under our post.

4️⃣ Follow @officialreseller_armenia, @ispace.armenia, and @torosyan_photography.

On June 12th, the jury will select the top 10 photos for participation in the OPEN VOTING. ☝️ In a new publication, you’ll be able to vote for the best photo and choose the finalists.

The names of the 4 lucky winners will be announced on June 15th.


⚡️ The certificate can be used in any iSpace store when purchasing Apple products. It cannot be exchanged for cash.

⚡️ The gift photoshoot is an outdoor photoshoot by Karen Torosyan lasting 1 hour, with 10 edited photos.

⚡️ Each participant can submit up to 3 photos. Please keep the original files until the end of the contest.

⚡️ Your page must be PUBLIC during the contest period.

⚡️ You can collect your prize at iSpace until July 1st at Rio Mall Shopping Center (Yerevan). Shipping by mail is not available.

⚡️ The criteria for selecting photos for the final voting include aesthetics, good quality, and color correction is allowed.

⚡️ By participating in the contest, you give consent for the use of the photos for non-commercial purposes.

⚡️ You can find detailed contest rules on the ispace.am website.

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