The German brand Loewe manufactures premium televisions and audio equipment. Each product of this brand is the result of unique developments. A diamond that has received a magnificent cut: durable materials, conscientious assembly, timeless design, excellent sound and picture quality. Today i-Space introduces you to the history of the brand “Löwe” (that’s how we pronounce the unusual name) and a few novelties, which are now available for pre-order in our network.  

Made in Germany: a quality brand with a history

Loewe was founded by Sigmund and David Ludwig Loewe. Having settled in Berlin in 1923, their dream was to change the world for the better. And they succeeded. Most ordinary people do not know, but without the innovative ideas of the two brothers, many discoveries in the world simply would not happen.

For example, it was Loewe that launched Europe’s first television picture broadcasting. The company is credited with developing the world’s first radio on triple-electronic tubes, a cassette recorder and TV sets with built-in sound, stereo speakers and direct access to the Internet. And that’s not all, would you believe?

Nowadays the development, modernization, testing and production of premium televisions, loudspeakers and accessories take place in Kronach in Bavaria. And for more than 90 years Loewe has remained true to the resounding slogan “Made in Germany”.

Interesting fact: The Made in Germany label is a kind of quality mark. In the modern world, this designation guarantees the buyer the highest standard of products, although there was a time when this phrase on the label served as a warning: the product is low-grade, and therefore it is not worth buying. Its authors, Englishmen of the 19th century, wanted to protect the domestic market in this way. Only a century later, after World War II, the phrase “Made in Germany” became synonymous with the German economic miracle.

New standards and no compromises

Loewe was part of the evolution of television. Their discoveries made it possible for viewers all over the world to watch movies, and even concerts and championships taking place at the other end of the planet. On the market today there is of course a huge choice of TV sets, but why Loewe is the right one for you?

  • Picture and sound quality leaves many competitors behind. While Loewe aims for natural color reproduction, other brands suffer from overly bright and garish pictures. Perfectly adjusted white balance and black depth as if you are transported into what is happening on the screen is so realistic. In addition, such a picture is safer for eyesight, especially for children.

Powerful multiband acoustic systems with stereo amplifiers are used for maximum sound quality. The sound is balanced and does not crush the ear. Premium ranges are equipped with a sound-bar and built-in processor to create a home theater. Mini Defined technology even allows you to adjust the factory settings and tune the sound just the way you like it.

  • The reliability and durability of German televisions is as undeniable as that of the automobile industry. Production is located in Bavaria, where each product undergoes special tests and quality control system. We use materials of the highest quality: aluminum, precious woods, tempered glass that will easily stand the test of time. Fasteners and supports are also rugged so you can hang it on the wall without fear.

 By the way, Loewe is very environmentally conscious, and saves on materials that are harmful to the environment. For example, the casing is made of halogen-free plastic, and soldering is done without lead or halogens. The packaging is easy to dispose of and the televisions themselves last for many years.

  • Design and technology complement each other masterfully. Slim, stylish housings conceal a great deal of engineering inside. A Loewe television will fit into any interior and will remain topical for a long time to come. Over the past twenty years, the company has been awarded over 150 national and international design prizes. And the models Bild 7, Bild 5 and Bild 3 were recognized by the jury of the IFA Awards and Red Dot Awards.

As for the technology, OLED provides an incredibly natural image: rich, natural, moderately contrast and detailed. Video is reproduced with a wide dynamic range in the popular HDR format, including Dolby Vision.

Loewe’s software protects the picture panel from the effects of afterimages. There’s also a built-in DR+ hard disk recording system, which can record up to 360 hours of television.

The Sound+ technology is responsible for stunning acoustic dynamics and high sound pressure. You can control the TV using the Bluetooth remote or via a mobile app, which is also very convenient. And, of course, the TVs have the ability to integrate with the Internet home network.

Loewe bild i premium televisions now available for pre-order at i-Space

 In 2021, Loewe announced itself loudly after a brief lull and reorganization. The company has introduced a new range of beautifully slim Loewe bild i TVs with the first-class 4K OLED panels of the latest generation of 65, 55 and 48 inches. Picture and sound quality are top-notch; the viewing experience will be very enjoyable!

All three models are now available for pre-order in i-Space stores.

To place your order just register on and add the products to your cart or contact our managers by phone +374 44 011 390.

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