Hybrid and remote work formats are no longer exotic. Job seekers prefer them for their work-life balance. Employers prefer them for the opportunity to hire talent from anywhere in the world. And it is also a great tool to increase loyalty to the company, because the “remote work” is an important benefit for many people. 

 How to organize secure team work in a remote working environment? How do you protect important data? Jamf is a solution for centralized management of corporate Apple devices, and it can help. 

Hybrid work is the new business format 

 After the COVID-19 pandemic, people are no longer rushing back to the office. Some workers are leaning toward a remote format of work, others toward a hybrid format to alternate between the office and home. The position of applicants is transparent: for work to be done well, it does not have to be done in any particular place. 

 On the employer side, however, not everything is so clear-cut. The bigger the staff, the harder it is to manage the IT-infrastructure, especially if it is scattered across different countries. At a distance it is more difficult to build communication within the team, and the issue of efficiency control and discipline becomes acute. It is also important to ensure security of devices used by employees to prevent data leakage. 

 Jamf, the solution for small and large businesses from ASBC, can help you clearly organize business processes in your company. 

Move employees from offices to apartments without losses 

One of the most effective ways for internal optimization of IT resources is implementation of MDM (Mobile Device Management). These are systems that allow the company’s IT support to remotely manage the corporate devices of employees, and not only computers, but also tablets, cell phones and other equipment that is used for business purposes. 

 The leader on the market of MDM solutions is Jamf software from the American developer of the same name. Jamf helps IT companies, hospitals, schools, government agencies and other organizations remotely connect and manage devices. Using the Jamf platform, you can automatically configure and personalize your MacBook the first time you turn it on. As well as continuously manage it throughout its lifecycle and respond quickly to cyberattacks. 

6 reasons to choose Jamf

 1. Instant installation of applications without a visit to the office. Your employee can start working right away, because the administrator will remotely prepare his/her computer: download the necessary programs and grant accesses. 

 2. Timely updates. As soon as a new version of the operating system is released, it will be immediately available on all corporate devices. 

 3. Automatic inventory of all devices connected to the system. Special smart groups monitor all important changes in the “computer-user” connection, including software updates, warranty expiration, disk encryption, and even password information: whether or not it’s complex enough and when it was last changed. This information is collected in a single click. 

 4. Vulnerability detection. For example, a software vendor has announced that all but the latest version contain a vulnerability. The company needs to find out as quickly as possible which computers are running dangerous versions, and update them immediately. With Jamf, this is simple: the system will show you how many devices have discredited versions, where they are located, and who owns them. And then the information security department will start the process of compulsory software updates. 

 5. Buying and deploying apps in large numbers. Jamf Pro integrates with Apple Business Manager, Apple’s remote device management tool. So you can easily assign apps to users or devices without using an Apple ID. Install apps from the App Store, the B2B App Store, or the intranet store. And your employees can request app licenses for re-use on another device as needed. 

 6. Remote deletion of data in case of force majeure. MacOS is one of the most secure operating systems in the world. And in tandem with Jamf, your data is as secure as possible. Even if your employee’s computer is stolen or lost, your support engineer can format the device remotely.

MacBook protects your business 

 The MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro or M1 Max chips is the optimal choice for quality, security, and price in the IT segment. These computers are powerful and reliable. They allow you to manage your Apple devices at scale. And they also have a high residual value and protect sensitive data. 

 As the “remote working” is gaining in popularity, companies are forced to implement new digital solutions to organize remote workplaces. And they can be a target for hackers. It is also worth remembering that leaks can happen unintentionally: due to careless behavior of users on the Internet. To minimize that risk, Apple is equipping MacBooks with security features. They work on a number of levels at once.  

1. MacOS is adept at detecting and defending against threats. That’s why the XProtect, an anti-virus system that detects and removes malware, is built into your computer. It works invisibly to the user and does not affect the computer’s performance. Another built-in technology is Gatekeeper. It prevents apps from launching if they have not passed Apple’s security checks or have not been signed by a registered developer. The programs themselves are run in an isolated environment (the “sandbox”) the first time they are opened, and do not have access to important system settings. 

2. he FileVault 2 data encryption system encrypts the information on the boot drive and prevents unauthorized access to it. 

3. Apple collects as little data as possible. Many tech giants make money by selling information about their users to other firms. But not Apple: the company only collects data that is necessary for the correct operation of its own services and transaction processing. This may include contact information, device and account information, and payment information, depending on how you interact with Apple. All information is encrypted and will not be shared with any third party. 

4. A large amount of data is processed directly on the device. Apple develops both hardware and software for its devices. It optimally complements each other in security issues and allows processing operations without reference to the server. For example, the Siri voice assistant is not tied to an Apple ID and does not share information with Apple or other companies. Queries are processed directly on the device using the Neural Engine. 

5. Security features are already built into macOS. The MacBook has the Safari browser, which alerts you to potentially dangerous pages and prevents brokers and advertisers from identifying users or tracking their behavior. By default, Safari has “Prevent Tracking” enabled, which hides the iP address from trackers. 
Company employees often connect to the corporate network from different locations. To protect data during these times, macOS has standard network protocols that provide authentication, authorization, and encryption. MacOS supports WPA2 Enterprise, App Transport Security and Transport Layer Security (TLS), and VPN. There’s also a built-in firewall to protect Macs against network access and denial-of-service attacks. 

Briefly about the essentials 

 The MacBook Pro on the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips together with Jamf is the best combination of product and service, especially for businesses that practice hybrid or remote work formats. The Mac provides amazing opportunities for your team’s productivity and protects the data stored on your computer. 

 With MDM solutions, MacBooks and other Apple hardware are easy to connect and configure, and the information stored on your devices is protected. With Jamf your help desk can manage your devices automatically and remotely. That’s why Macs are so popular in business environments. 

Don’t take it on faith – give it a try  

Experience the benefits of JAMF in your office. ASBC offers you a test to see what this MDM solution can do for you. They will tell you about the features of JAMF, help you choose the right type of license and introduce the software to your business. It’s completely free during the trial period.

Ask ASBC managers for details by phone: +374 44 011 390 




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