We’re going to talk about the devices that are indispensable for studying.

The world is changing. In the past, preparing for the school year meant buying notebooks, pens, pencils, and a ton of stationery. Now, all of this can be replaced with one gadget.

Here are the devices that any student, applicant, or graduate will need:

MacBook Air

Motivates learning and suits all educational tasks.

    • Easily handles intensive workloads thanks to the powerful M1 or M2 chips.
    • Protects your eyes with a Retina display and True Tone technology.
    • User-friendly with stable performance and pre-installed educational apps.
    • Long battery life, up to 18 hours.
    • Durable and portable, with a sleek design.


Smaller than a laptop but bigger than a smartphone.

    • Convenient for work anywhere, from your bed to transportation.
    • Features a fingerprint-resistant, large, high-brightness display.
    • Performs well in multitasking with Apple A13 and A14 Bionic chips.
    • Offers all-day battery life.
    • Suitable for online learning with a high-quality camera and stereo speakers.
    • Supports a wide range of apps for various tasks.

These gadgets will enhance the educational experience for students, making studying more efficient and enjoyable.

iPhone 14

Communication, relaxation, and entertainment in one smartphone.

  •  Clear visibility even in bright sunlight. With iPhone 14, you won’t struggle to see the screen outdoors. The Super Retina XDR OLED display is one of the best on the market, with standard brightness up to 800 nits and peak brightness up to 1200 nits, more than sufficient for any scenario.
  • Fast and smooth performance. The powerful 6-core A15 Bionic chip outperforms most competitors, loading apps instantly and switching between them in fractions of a second. The 16-core Neural Engine can perform 15.8 trillion operations per second, ensuring the iPhone 14 remains powerful for years.
  • Excellent low-light photography. The iPhone 14 camera offers more than just schedule or note-taking photos. With two lenses, the Photonic Engine algorithm for extra clarity, video stabilization for capturing motion, and a cinematic mode, you can capture your carefree moments.
  • Only needs charging every two days. For example, in continuous video playback mode, the smartphone lasts up to 20 hours. This ensures you stay connected without frequent recharging.
  • Resistant to water and dust. The student’s smartphone can handle fire, water, and copper pipes. Apple has equipped it accordingly. With an IP68 rating, the iPhone can withstand submersion at a shallow depth for up to 30 minutes, and it’s not afraid of splashes. The front panel is protected by tempered Ceramic Shield glass, minimizing the risk of damage from impacts and scratches.

Apple Watch SE

A mini-computer always at your fingertips. You’ll be amazed at how you managed without these watches before.

  • Helps you focus on studying. Every time you pick up your phone to check notifications, you get distracted. Apple Watch eliminates this habit by duplicating messages and calls right on your wrist.
  • Records lectures and your insights. Simply activate the built-in recorder.
  • Encourages physical activity. The watch tracks how often you stand up, how much exercise you get, and how many calories you burn. You’ll find yourself embracing an active lifestyle and no longer skipping physical activities.
  • Can be used as a cheat sheet. Cheating is the last resort, but sometimes students have no choice. In that case, take a photo of your notes or capture a screenshot on your iPhone, then discreetly open the photo on your Apple Watch.
  • Builds stress resilience. Proper breathing during moments of acute stress can be your lifesaver. Whenever you’re nervous before an exam, competition, public speaking, or other situations, use the “Breathing” function. Just a minute, and you’ll feel better.


Sound, Ecosystem, and Seamless Integration with Apple Devices.

  • Noise-canceling feature drowns out background sounds. AirPods help you concentrate in noisy environments, whether you’re in a university corridor, on public transport, or in a cafe. Opt for models with active noise cancellation for this purpose.
  • Comfortable fit for workouts and they won’t fall out. Plus, no tangled wires to deal with.
  • Delightful listening experience. Regardless of your music preferences, AirPods deliver clear and balanced sound. You can also customize their settings using your iPhone.
  • Slow battery drain. A single charge lasts for a transatlantic flight. You’ll get to your classes faster, right?
  • Suitable for online classes with their sensitive microphones.
  • Can amplify the teacher’s voice. Handy if you’re sitting at the back of the lecture hall and having trouble hearing. Just place your iPhone near the lecturer, put on your AirPods, and activate the Live Listen feature.

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