1.  Items to be insured

All Apple products sold in the iSpace store are subject to insurance. The insurance covers only recently sold equipment and only during the warranty period.  

2. Insurable risks

1. Physical damage: falling from a height, hitting another object, damage as a result of car accidents;

2. Fire, explosion;

3. Damage caused by water or other liquids;

4. Natural disasters.

3.  Exclusions

Compensation is not payable for:

- Cosmetic damage that does not limit the use of the equipment (color fade, scratches, scuff marks, stains, etc. on the outer casing);

- Unexplained damage, loss or disappearance;

- Theft, robbery, brigandage and other unlawful acts by third parties;

- Damage deliberately caused by any person, if this fact is proved by the Insurer;

- If the insured property has been used by a person under 12 years of age;

- If the insured event has taken place outside the Republic of Armenia or the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic;

- Inattentive use: leaving in open areas, in the rain, in the snow, in public places without supervision, in the car with the doors or windows open, etc., any damage resulting from the use of equipment/playing with the equipment by children;

- Unlawful acts by others, including theft, robbery, brigandage;

- Damage resulting from a mass-meeting, civil action, war, or act of terrorism;

- Separate loss/damage to the battery of the insured property if it is not built-in and is considered replaceable part both technically and according to the manufacturer;

- Claims for which the insured person has not taken measures aimed at reducing the magnitude/degree of accidental damage to the insured property;

- Claims submitted after successful receipt of compensation for different claims during the term of the insurance contract will be regulated on the basis of under-insurance (the compensated part is deducted from the sum insured), starting from the 2nd incident (see example on the last page);

- Claims concerning the damage related to such parts of the insured property that have undergone modifications or been completely replaced after purchase, excluding modifications or replacements resulting from the insured event  

4.  Term of insurance: 1 year

5.  Compensation procedure

The compensation procedure for technical expertise and repairs is conducted through iSpace service center certified by Apple (hereinafter referred as the Center) according to the service agreement between the Center and the Insurer. 



If the device is damaged, the policyholder must notify SIL INSURANCE by calling the Call Center at (060) 54 00 00 (5), (012) 54 00 00, (010) 58 00 00, (011) 58 00 00.


A Call Center employee should be provided the following information: 

- First name, last name;

- Number of insurance policy;

- Detailed description of the case;

- Type of service expected;

- Based on the situation, the Call Center employee will guide the client:


The Call Center accepts the device from the client and informs him/her about the repair or the impossibility of repair. If the device is repairable, the device shall be repaired after notifying the Insurer and receiving confirmation.



Steps 1 and 2 above are retained.


The Center accepts the device from the customer and informs the customer that the repair is not possible.


The Center notifies the Insurer.


The Center provides the client an application form for the Insurer's insurance compensation, which shall be filled out by the client.


The application form and the certificate of cause and extent of damage compiled by the Center shall be sent to the Insurer.   


Based on the documents above, the insurer makes a positive or negative decision on the claim within 10 business days. The decision shall be sent to the client via email or another means (Viber, etc.).

In case of positive decision the compensation shall be transferred to the bank account indicated in the client's application within 10 working days. If no bank account is indicated, the compensation shall be transferred to any branch of Armeconombank for collection upon presentation of passport.

The sum of insurance compensation is calculated on the basis of the sum insured and the period of exploitation, starting from the day of sale up to the date of the insured event. The percentages shown in the table below apply in cases of complete damage/loss of the insured equipment (i.e. when the equipment cannot be repaired/restored).

Days passed since the purchase of the equipment


Sum of compensation

 % of the sum insured / value of the equipment*

1 – 30 days


31 - 60 days


61 - 90 days


91 - 120 days


121 - 150 days


151 - 180 days


181 - 210 days


211 - 270 days


271 - 365 days


Example of compensation calculation:

The device is a phone insured for 600,000 AMD, at its full market value. It has been damaged as a result of a fall from the 9th floor and cannot be repaired. The accident occurred on the 145th day after purchase. The 45% of the sum insured is subject to compensation, i.e. 270,000 AMD.