Loyalty program.

Shop at iSpace - get more bonuses.
Exchange your bonuses for
up to 20% on new purchases.

The bonuses are convenient.

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Get 2 000 points for your first purchase!

Register in the iSpace loyalty program and get
2 000 AMD on your first purchase.*

*Points redemption is available only at the retail store. Store addresses are listed below.

Promotion is valid only for new members of the loyalty program
Welcome points are valid for 2 months from the date of accrual.
Welcome points can be redeemed only for the first one-time purchase with the card. Unused welcome points expire after the first purchase
Welcome points can be used as a discount of up to 20% on Non-Apple accessories.

Don't have a Wallet card yet?

Scan the QR code.

Just fill out the form and add your registration card to the Wallet app.

Register a card >

Complete the registration process to get your "Loyalty Card".

How to use the loyalty card?